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YouTube Videos Reach 1 Billion Views Per Day | Online Video Marketing Tips

YouTube Videos Reach 1 Billion Views Per Day

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On Friday October 9th 2009, YouTube’s official blog has announced that they have hit 1 BILLION Views PER DAY (actually around 1.2 Billion and counting).  Wouldn’t it be great if your online videos received this much attention?  In celebration of this amazing accomplishment, I thought I’d share a few more interesting statistics about YouTube with you.  Here we go…

  • There are over 11,574 views per SECOND
  • There are over 694,444 views per MINUTE
  • There are over 41,666,667 views per HOUR
  • YouTube takes up to 45 Terabytes of Space, equivalent to 5000 home computers, and uses a few million dollars worth of bandwidth a MONTH
  • 70% of people online have watched online video, with an average person watching 73 minutes of online video a MONTH
  • 10 HOURS of video are uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE
  • 70% of registered users are American and under the age of 20.
  • YouTube is the NUMBER 1 online video site and gets 67.5 million UNIQUE visitors from the U.S alone.
  • Over 30% of videos watched online are watched on YouTube


Hani Mourra

Hani Mourra is an online video marketing coach who is passionate about helping people marketing their business online using online video.



Great job and great content.

Thanks Byron


Thanks Byron for visiting. YouTube continues to be the number 1 video sharing site in my books. Especially since it is owned by the king of search engines Google. That’s why I highly recommend using YouTube to anyone thinking of using video to market their business online.

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