Video Traffic Academy Webinar Replay & My Notes: Massive Traffic with YouTube

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Video Traffic Academy Recommended By Easy Online Video Marketing Tips


Video Traffic Academy Highly Recommended by Easy Online Video Marketing Tips

As part of their Video Traffic Academy product launch, James Wedmore and Lewis Howes put on an incredible webinar on the the 7 Secrets to Massive Traffic with YouTube.  The webinar lasted just over an hour and was full of awesome and actionable content.  I was taking TONS of notes for the entire hour…my fingers couldn’t keep up!

If you can dedicate an hour of your busy schedule, I highly recommend you watch the 7 Secrets to Massive Traffic with YouTube webinar replay.  It will only be available for the next few days, so don’t wait too long.

For those with busy schedules, keep reading.  I’ve decided to clean up my notes from a post them below.  Take action and apply the tips James provides below.

3 Step Process to Boosting Your Traffic With Online Video Marketing

I’m not going to spend any time convincing you that online video is the ultimate marketing tool for any business (I think I do enough of that on my other blog posts)

I’m going to jump right into the 3 step process to boosting your traffic with online video marketing using YouTube.


Step 1: Video Optimization

This first step to your online video marketing campaign.  It involved finding out exactly what people are searching for so you can focus on creating videos to solve theses problems.

  • Use the free Google Keyword tool to find out exactly what keyword or keyword phrases people are searching for in your niche.  This tool will also suggest variations of those keywords which is pretty cool
  • Find the keyword phrases that have anywhere between 2000 to 100,000 Global monthly searches.  On a piece of paper, write the top 20 that fit you niche best.
  • Create a video for each of the keyword phrases you wrote down in the previous step and upload them to YouTube.  Make sure the title of video contains the exact keyword phrase. (one for each keyword phrase.  Of course this won’t happen overnight.  Plan to create a video about once a week.  Later on James gives you some ideas on how to create these videos quickly.


Step 2: Video Value

This step is all about delivering AWESOME value in your videos.  Don’t worry about how your hair looks, if the lighting is terrible, if your video doesn’t look professionally edited…focus on the message you are delivering.  Make sure you over deliver on value.  This will keep your viewers engaged.


Tips for Creating Your Videos
  • Keep them short – Keep your videos between 1 and 3 minutes short.
  • Keep their attention – Keep changing the scene every 30 seconds or so.  You don’t want viewers to tune out.
  • Add Music – People love music!  It helps catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Video is Visual – Give your viewers something to look at.  This can be things like graphics, pictures, whiteboards, screen captures, etc.  Avoid the “talking head” videos as much as possible.
  • Be Engaging – Make your videos a two way communication portal.  Ask your viewers for feedback,  what video they would like to see next.  You can even ask them what’s their biggest questions that they would like answered today.  This will give you ideas for future videos.

What Every Video Needs
  • Introduction
    • What this video is about?
    • Why are are paying attention to you?
  • Delivering the content
    • Deliver EXACTLY what you promised in the title and intro of your video
    • Get right to the point and give the content away…right away
  • Your Call to Action
    • Tell them exactly what you would like them to do right after watching your video (be VERY specific)
    • Give them incentive to take action (free report, free video, more tips, etc)
    • Make sure you send them to your Website
    • Ask them to Subscribe or Like Your  YouTube Video


Online Video Marketing Tools For The Camera Shy


Step 3: Video Aftermath:

This step covers what you need to do to get your video ranked higher in the search engines.  The important take-away from this step is that YouTube will rank your video higher if there is a lot of interaction on it.  This can be people commenting, rating, or leaving video responses.  If there is activity around your video, then it must be good…that’s why it’s important.  As part of the Video Traffic Academy course, you’ll get a one page flow chart that details the 13 step process to get all the attention and interaction that your video needs to rank higher in the search engines.  The best part is that you can give this flow chart to your virtual assistant and he or she can do all the work for you.


3 Most Powerful Strategies That You Can Apply Today
  • Add a Call-To-Action Overlay on your videos to send your viewers to your website.   You can use YouTube annotations or the YouTube Call-To-Action Overlay feature.
  • Create lots of  back links to video AND CHANNEL.  You can outsource this step for $5 using a site called
  • Get Video responses on YOUR videos (YouTube likes that).  You can ask customers and subscribers to do this for you.  You can also do this yourself by creating another YouTube channel, uploading short videos (animo to is great for this), and posting them as video responses to the video you are trying to promote.


James covers these topics in a lot more detail in his Video Traffic Academy Course (I know this because I’ve seen the entire course and it ROCKS!).  For a $97 investment, this course is a no-brainer.  I highly recommend this to every business owner looking to get more targeted traffic to their website or blog.

Click here to see the complete Video Traffic Academy Course Outline.  

Video Traffic Academy Recommended By Easy Online Video Marketing Tips


Full Disclosure: This links in this blog post are affiliate links.  I only promote products I’ve used and highly trust (this is definitely one of them!)

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