High Level Action Items:

– Choose a Domain Name
– Create a WordPress site
– Create your squeeze page (free giveaway/sign up page)
– Create your free giveaway (5 or 7 part video series).  Be very clear on what your visitor will get when they sign up.  Use My Squeeze Page or Suzanne’s Squeeze Page as a template
– Create each video using Keynote (see below)
– Upload each video to YouTube.  Make sure you set the privacy setting to “Unlisted”
– Create a new page on your WordPress site, one for each lesson. (i.e http://www.ignitethespark.com/lesson1, http://www.ignitethespark.com/lesson2, etc)

Recording Keynote Presentations with Audio Voiceover

– Create a new presentation
– From the “Theme Chooser” set the Slide Size to 1280 x 720
– To record your voice over click “Play->Record Slideshow
– Click the record button on the upper left hand side of the screen
– Navigate through the slides using the arrow key and talk through the presentation as if it were a live presentation
– After you are finished, click File->Export
– Choose the Quicktime option
– Set the “Playback Uses” option to “Recorded Timing”
– Set the “Format” to “Full Quality, Large”
– Enable the “Audio: Include Audio”

Full Call Recording