Online Video Marketing Strategies: 5 Ways To Get Your Videos Noticed By Google

Online Video Marketing Strategies

A Guest Post By Neil Davidson

When the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates were introduced by Google earlier in 2012, a lot of website owners were caught completely off guard and witnessed a dramatic drop in their site traffic and consequently sales. These algorithmic updates from Google have clearly redefined what it takes to rank highly in search engines. In short, the changes means that low quality sites and sites that ‘over-optimise’ will suffer.
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First Page On Google Using Online Video

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First page on Google…is it really achievable? Everyone knows how hard it is to get your website page or blog post on the first page on Google. With online video marketing, getting on page one of Google becomes more achievable since Google is now serving videos in their standard Google search results. But the video alone won’t get you there (at least not that quickly)…there is a bit more to it. I recently watched a free webinar by a guy named Burt Richard. He showed exactly how he creates a quick video (using tools like PowerPoint) and gets them ranked on page one on Google FAST. He actually managed to get on page 3 of Google within minutes on the live webinar, and a day later it was on page one of Google. Now that’s pretty impressive! So what’s the “trick” you ask? Well, the good news is that anyone can do this without using any black magic or non-Google friendly hacks. Let’s see what Burt has to say in this video interview above:
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Online Video Marketing With Your iPhone Video Camera

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing another online video marketing expert Jules Watkins this past week.  For those of you who haven’t met Jules yet, here is your chance to learn some powerful video marketing tips from a true professional.  Jules has directed hit TV shows like The Biggest Loser and Pimp My Ride in the UK.  He uses his reality TV experience to teach us how to create exciting and engaging videos using your iPhone video camera.  A lot of the tips he gives away in this video interview can be applied to any video camera.  Make sure you watch around the 13 minute mark.  This is where Jules shows us a few really cool (and very inexpensive) gadgets for your iPhone that will help you shoot professional grade videos for a fraction of the cost of a high end DSLR camera.  Enjoy the video below:
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Online Video Marketing Tips with James Wedmore

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having a 20 minute video conversation with online video marketing ninja and creator of the Video Traffic Academy course James Wedmore. Besides being an awesome and fun guy, James really knows how to market with online video.

A lot of people can teach about how to create a video, but not many have a tested and proven system for marketing with video, especially on YouTube, and getting real-life results (i.e more just more views, but more actual real-life paying clients)In this video, James shares the exact equipment he uses including camera, microphone, and lights (I’ve listed all these resources below). He even gives us a peak at his home-based studio setup (very cool!). He also shares 4 HOT tips for people getting started with online video marketing that are guaranteed to get you results.
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How to Create a Video for Free | 3 Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Create a video for free? Is this guy nuts? Well…sometimes I am (behind my shy complexion), but today I’m 100% serious. When it comes to online video marketing, especially when it comes time to create videos, most people are afraid to invest their time and money and don’t really know how to get started. Well, you’re in luck today. I’ve done some research and created a 5 min video showing you how to create an engaging video without spending a single dime. In this video, I talk about 3 components that every video should have, 3 simple video styles you can choose from (and the free tools to create them), and 3 editing tips to make your videos more engaging (and the free video editing tool you can use to add more effectiveness to any video on any computer…Mac or PC).
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