Online Video Marketing Tips with James Wedmore

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I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having a 20 minute video conversation with online video marketing ninja and creator of the Video Traffic Academy course James Wedmore. Besides being an awesome and fun guy, James really knows how to market with online video.

A lot of people can teach about how to create a video, but not many have a tested and proven system for marketing with video, especially on YouTube, and getting real-life results (i.e more just more views, but more actual real-life paying clients)In this video, James shares the exact equipment he uses including camera, microphone, and lights (I’ve listed all these resources below). He even gives us a peak at his home-based studio setup (very cool!). He also shares 4 HOT tips for people getting started with online video marketing that are guaranteed to get you results.

Online Video Marketing Resources

Online Video Marketing Tips and Takeaways:

  • Be consistent and upload a video once a week (minimum)
  • Research your keywords (what people are searching for). You can use the free Google Keyword Tool.
  • Each keyword becomes a video.  Make sure you include the keywords in the Title, Description, Tags, and in the actual video (you actually say your keywords throughout your video.
  • Upload a transcript (which also contains your keywords).

What Video Marketing Tips Do YOU Use?

Do you have a video marketing tip that makes your life easier or helps you get great results when marketing with video? Leave me a comment below and let me know what it is. I’d LOVE to hear it!

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