Converting Traffic To Sales Using Online Video

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Getting quality and relevant traffic to your website or landing pages is the hard part, converting that traffic into sales is easy; especially when you use videos to built trust. Videos add a real person, show the products or your services in a real life situation and can help to create an image of how the person will use your products and services.

Here are 5 ways to help you convert visitors into customers.

1. Start Tracking With Viewbix

If you’re an SMB (small business), you either spent a lot of resources financially or a ton of your own time having your video created. Unfortunately mentioning your url, asking or even adding a link into the description isn’t enough to accurately measure and track traffic or sales from your video. That’s why I love Viewbix.

Viewbix allows you to take your videos or your customers’ videos (if they have given permission to share and embed them) and add clickable and trackable buttons, custom skins and numerous apps to the player. The apps let you generate shopping lists, maps (to show store locations or properties), weather, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, coupons, contact forms and Skype for customer service as well as newsletter sign ups directly through your video. By putting your videos into a Viewbix player you can now have the video presell your products and services while the customers can now take actionable items that are trackable and measurable so you can tell what videos are most effective and where. When the Viewbix players are shared on sites like Facebook and Twitter, a majority of the 20+ apps continue to function giving you even more reach because the people watching your videos on Facebook can now join your newsletter, shop for your products and do any of the other functions you put on your player. Viewbix is a fantastic video conversion tool. A free version of Viewbix is available, but with the Pro account you get additional functionality including a full analytics suite.

2. Properly Displaying Guarantees

If your company offers a service or money back guarantee, it may not be enough to just write about it. Instead you may want to add it next to your call to action. By using your guarantees when people are about to make a purchase from you will help reinsure them that they are making a wise and risk-free decision.

3. Using Video Testimonials

One feature that is great in Viewbix is that you can stream your YouTube channel through it. This means that after they watch your video you can have it display all of your customer testimonials. However, you should also put up a dedicated page on your website for customers who give you video testimonials. By doing this you can help to rank for terms in the search engines like Your Company + reviews, complaints, legit, etc… By working on optimizing your testimonial pages for these terms, and having this page show up in the search results, you can prove to these visitors that you are legit and a lot of people actually do enjoy your products and services. Some things you want to include on the page are the videos, who is in them, a short description including the modifiers like your company scam, your company reviews, etc.

The backlinks, views and likes that come from these pages on your site will also help to rank the videos higher for Video SEO in the search engines and on video sharing sites.

4. Diversify Your Testimonials

Try to make sure you have a solid variety of testimonial types. What this means is that you want to try and have a few about how your customer support helped someone out. You want another one from someone who loved the ordering and shipping process. Another video could feature the product and talk about they used it to solve a particular problem. Make sure you cover all possible complaints or concerns that potential customers may have. You can also this page on your site’s main menu to help people find relevant testimonials quicker.

5. Adding Even More Trust

Here are a few additional things you’ll want to add to your site to ensure build their trust and turn visitors into clients.

Telephone numbers – This shows there is a way to reach you in case of an emergency or if they have questions.

SSLs – Showing these on every page, especially in the checkout process, helps to let the visitor know they are paying through a secure site and their information will not be stolen.

A management team page – Showing the faces of the people who run the company help to show that there are real people there and that you are legit.

Product reviews – Let people post reviews and ratings. Even if you have bad ratings and reviews on products, they can still sell. It shows you let people talk honestly on your site and that you respect your customers more than just taking their money. This is a huge trust builder.

A fun personality – Give your site a personality. Think about the way you write on it, the colors and fonts you use and what that says to your visitors. Some sites make things rhyme while others are extremely professional and talk in the first person. It is important to know who your customer is (based on where they are coming from and which pages get what people) and then write to make sure it speaks to them and helps to build their trust.

Using video on your landing pages helps to build trust, demonstrate your products and can add extra calls to action to help generate more sales. By using tools like Viewbix you can now measure the effectiveness and instead of having to say go to our site, you can have a button that says visit our site, shop now, find out more information, etc… Building trust and giving people an easier and direct way to shop are extremely important when converting viewers and visitors into sales and something that you can always work at improving.

This post is courtesy of Adam Riemer  an Online Marketer with more than 10 years of experience helping SMBs and the Fortune 50 remove theft and optimize their marketing and ROI as well as show proper channel attribution.

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Difficult job is to convert the visitors into sales, was searching for tips here and there. useful info. Thanks.

Hani Mourra

Our pleasure…glad to help! Video is a powerful way to convert visitors into leads and eventually into paying customers.

Hani Mourra

You’re welcome.

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