Online Video Marketing Strategies: 5 Ways To Get Your Videos Noticed By Google

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Online Video Marketing Strategies

A Guest Post By Neil Davidson

When the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates were introduced by Google earlier in 2012, a lot of website owners were caught completely off guard and witnessed a dramatic drop in their site traffic and consequently sales. These algorithmic updates from Google have clearly redefined what it takes to rank highly in search engines. In short, the changes means that low quality sites and sites that ‘over-optimise’ will suffer.

Google are encouraging a different kind of optimization. Rather that doing everything right on a geeky, technical level, the challenge now is to make meaningful and relevant connections between brand content and the people who are actually interested in it. This should mean that your content is more likely to be shared, because it is reaching people who it will matter to.

This is a not a major theoretical shift in the world of SEO as Google have always stated that this is what they are working towards, but now they are finally starting to get close, and this means that in order to please search engines, online marketers need more holistic online video marketing strategies.

It is okay knowing in theory you need to change your strategy to reach your audience. But as these changes are so recent, there are a few role models around to pick the brains of and learn from.

We have identified 5 strategies that you can do to get on the road of this user-centric approach to SEO.

Strategry 1: Understand how your audience is discovering content

It goes without saying that you want and need to know what type of content your audience are engaging with. For SEO purpose, you need an understanding of how exactly your audience is discovering their favourite content. Do they come across content via social media channels or are they subscribing to mailing lists for the convenience of content in their inboxes? Are search engines the main tool that your audience use?

Strategy 2: Develop appropriate strategies for reaching your audience

When you have established how your audience discovers content, you need to develop strategies to reach them on that basis. Are they avid Facebook users who watch the majority of video via Facebook? If so, you need a solid approach to social media. Maybe they are extremely busy and prefer to subscribe to a weekly mailing list to receive convenient summaries in short 1 or 2 minute videos; in this case, you should focus on encouraging your audience to sign up to your e-mailing list, and then make sure you deliver quality e-newsletters. Maybe good old-fashioned search engines are their preferred route; in which case you should be looking to develop an SEO strategy.

Strategy 3: Optimise by focusing on calls to action

If you can encourage your audience to become advocates of your content, you are on to a winner. Organic sharing of your content is the marketers dream; people sharing it because they like it – and sharing it with like-minded people – making this process even more effective. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to share your content. Firstly, on a technical level, you need to make sharing as easy as a couple of clicks (by including social sharing buttons e.g. Addthis buttons or clickable links for example). Secondly, you need to be creative about how you encourage a call to action (e.g. by using a web presenter video or an incentive – or even both).

Strategy 4: Be aware of the different entry levels that your audience will connect with your video marketing

People will come to your marketing campaign at different stages. You need to make sure that each stage of your campaign is set up to appropriately welcome new audiences and present these new faces with your call to action. Each stage needs to be optimized for. For example, your strategy for distributing a video might be a Facebook campaign primarily. But your video is hosted on YouTube. Later on in your campaign, people will start coming directly to your video in YouTube, skipping the Facebook step. You need to make sure that your video description in YouTube is optimised to give your video as much information and context as the Facebook information provided.

Strategy 5: Have an online video marketing strategy that brings multiple approaches together

It seems that the best way to reach more people with your content is to bring different marketing methods together. It is no longer good enough to just be great at SEO – your content needs to do your SEO justice. Likewise, good content alone will not make it easier to be found. For example, you may be investing creative energy in producing a regular vlog. However, if you don’t optimise these videos (e.g. by including closed caption subtitles) you will be missing out on lots of organic SEO traffic, both in YouTube and in text based search engines. What you need is a thoughtful strategy that brings SEO, content marketing and social media together under one umbrella. This means that as a marketer you need to be both creative and technical – or at least have both skill sets in one team – if not in one head!

Author Bio

Online Video Marketing Expert Neil Davidson

Neil Davidson is the Founder of My Web Presenters, who are a leading video production company specialising in video spokesperson videos. They work with businesses of all sizes to create and market compelling and emotive videos. They also write a online video marketing blog regularly so please check it out.

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