First Page On Google Using Online Video

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First page on Google…is it really achievable? Everyone knows how hard it is to get your website page or blog post on the first page on Google. With online video marketing, getting on page one of Google becomes more achievable since Google is now serving videos in their standard Google search results. But the video alone won’t get you there (at least not that quickly)…there is a bit more to it. I recently watched a free webinar by a guy named Burt Richard. He showed exactly how he creates a quick video (using tools like PowerPoint) and gets them ranked on page one on Google FAST. He actually managed to get on page 3 of Google within minutes on the live webinar, and a day later it was on page one of Google. Now that’s pretty impressive! So what’s the “trick” you ask? Well, the good news is that anyone can do this without using any black magic or non-Google friendly hacks. Let’s see what Burt has to say in this video interview above:

First Page on Google Interview

Here are some of the topics that Burt covers in this video interview:

  • The “secret” (no black magic here) to getting your videos ranked on the first page on Google
  • The tools and processes Burt uses to create these high ranking video.
  • Success stories using this techniques that Burt shares in his free training

Got Your Own Tips

Do you have any great resources or tips on how to get your website pages or videos ranked on the first page of Google? I’d love to learn more, please go ahead and share them in the comments below.

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If you like, you can also watch this “First Page on Google” video directly on YouTube


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Hani Mourra

Hani Mourra is an online video marketing coach who is passionate about helping people marketing their business online using online video.


NYB Media

This is an excellent account of video marketing. I particularly like the bit about creating a campaign. I do this but not so organized as this idea. Thank you.


Thanks Steve! Burt is an awesome and energetic guy who knows how to rock it with YouTube 🙂


Nice one guys love the video…

Steve Vale

Hi Hani,
Just before I go off to Burt’s page I’d like to say thank you. I make my living by providing Video Email for personal branding and company marketing and over the last year or so I have found your tips very useful. I have ALL the tools but it can be done with freebee’s.
I’m now off to Burt’s page to see how I can get some ultra targeted traffic.

Kind Regards
Steve Vale
PS may be we could talk some time
Skype: steve-vale1

Hani Mourra

You’re very welcome Steve..glad you enjoyed it. I know you’ll enjoy Burt’s stuff. Video email is an avenue I haven’t explored much. Let’s connect on Skype..I’d love to learn more.



Great interview Hani, I’ll check out Burt’s stuff… Thanks 🙂

Hani Mourra

Thanks Mr. J .. Burt is an energetic guys who knows how to rock it on Google with video. He likes to keep it simple too (which is what I like) 🙂

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