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Easy VIdeo Suite

There is a HUGE hype about the new Easy Video Suite software that was just released today.  I highly recommend this product to anyone getting started with online video marketing and want to simply the entire video creating, publishing, marketing, and tracking process.  The only downside to this software is the price tag.  It currently goes for $297.  If this doesn’t fit your video marketing budget, have no fear.  I’ve got you guys covered in this blog post.  Below are a list of free alternatives to Easy Video Suite.  

Just as a warning, these tools can’t do EVERYTHING that Easy Video Suite does, but at least you can get some of the basics done for free. I have to admit though, having all these tools combined into one piece of software is a HUGE time and energy saver.


Easy Video Suite Free Alternatives


Recording Videos:

Mac – Quicktime X is the way to go. It records your screen or webcam.
Windows – CamStudio is a great option for screen recordings.  Windows Movie Maker is a good option for webcam recording, but make sure you have the latest version of Windows Live Essentials in order to see the webcam recording option.


Amazon S3 Integration:

Uploading videos to Amazon S3 is a breeze with CrossFTP Pro.  It is simple drag and drop software available for Windows and Mac. The direct link to any video file you upload to S3 is typically[YourBucketName]/[YourVideoFile.mp4].  This will come in handy when you want to embed the video on your website or blog in the next step.


Videos With Call To Action Buttons:

Adding videos to your WordPress blog is made easy using the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin.  Not only does this plugin support H.264, and MP4 video formats, it also allows you to display popup box after the video ends, with any HTML content (opt-in forms, buy buttons, or clickable link to your products).  You can also create video squeeze pages by simply creating a new page, adding a headline on top, followed by the video embed using this plugin, and just below that adding your autoresponder embed code to collect email addresses.


Video Conversion:

Whether you are on Mac or Windows, you can use a great tool called MPEGStreamClip to create web-friendly MP4 video files.  Simply open the file with this software and choose File->Export To MPEG-4.  Then choose H.264 compression and click “Make MP4”.


Video Marketing Statistics:

Unfortunately, the only free way to get detailed video engagement statistics for your videos is to have your video hosted on YouTube and to use the YouTube Analytics feature.  I must say though, they do provide amazing statistics.  One of my favourites being audience retention.


My Final Thoughts

Even with the vast option of free tools out there, I still highly recommend this powerful video marketing integrated software suite to simplify the process and save you time.  Get your copy of Easy Video Suite here.


Easy Video Suite - Get Your Copy Here




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