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My Digital HD Video Camera at the Auto Show | Online Video Marketing Tips

My Digital HD Video Camera at the Auto Show

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This past weekend, I took my family to the Canadian International Car Show in Toronto.  It was such a blast.  Even my one year old loved it.  She was laughing and waving at all the people.  She was even pointing at all the expensive cars…I guess she has good taste.  The morning before the show, I decided to take my HD pocket camera with me just in case my daughter decided to take her first steps that day.  I also happened to be carrying my Sony digital camera so I can take come pics at the show…and of course I was carrying my crackberry (I mean blackberry).  When we arrived, it hit me that I was carrying three portable devices that can record video!  What an opportunity to compare the quality of the 3 video cameras.  Let’s see how it turned out.

Let’s compare the numbers:

1. Cell Phone: My Blackberry Curve 8900 records video at a resolution of 240×180.  If this was an iPhone it would record video at 640×480 (sometimes referred to as VGA or 480p).

2. Digital Camera: My Sony Cybershot W120 records video at 640×480.  Most of the new digital cameras nowadays can record video at 1280×720 (also known as 720p HD Video)

3. HD Video Camera: My Creative Vado HD records video at 1280×720.  Other pocket cameras like the Flip Camera record at the same video quality or slightly higher (up to 1920×1080 on the Kodak Zi8 – a.k.a 1080p).  HD video cameras also record in the widescreen format which looks great on YouTube as it fills up the entire video player.  If you are wondering what my recommendations are for the best HD video cameras are, don’t forget to check out my video on the best digital video cameras for creating online video.

So what do all these numbers mean?  Well, simply said, the higher the number the sharper and less grainy or “pixelly” the video will be, especially when you upload it to an online video sharing site like YouTube.  It is important to note these sites automatically convert your videos to make them smaller and faster for online viewing, so the higher the video resolution the better the quality of the final converted video will be.


All of these pocket cameras are excellent for creating online video….even the Blackberry Curve.  The Blackberry’s video is a bit grainy, but it is still clear enough to deliver your message.  I wouldn’t use it all the time, but if you had an opportunity to record an interview or special event and you weren’t carrying your pocket cam or digital camera, then I’d definitely go for it.

It is also worth noting that this video was edited using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD.  It had no problems handling three different video formats (.3gp, .mpeg, and .avi) and allowed me to edit them together.  That’s awesome!

Have You Created a Video Recently? Have you recorded an exciting video recently?  Have you uploaded it to YouTube yet?  Leave the link to your YouTube video in the comments below and let me know which camera you used to shoot that video. You never know…you may inspire someone.

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