Free Alternatives To Easy Video Suite

Easy VIdeo Suite

There is a HUGE hype about the new Easy Video Suite software that was just released today.  I highly recommend this product to anyone getting started with online video marketing and want to simply the entire video creating, publishing, marketing, and tracking process.  The only downside to this software is the price tag.  It currently goes for $297.  If this doesn’t fit your video marketing budget, have no fear.  I’ve got you guys covered in this blog post.  Below are a list of free alternatives to Easy Video Suite.   Read more

Converting Traffic To Sales Using Online Video

Getting quality and relevant traffic to your website or landing pages is the hard part, converting that traffic into sales is easy; especially when you use videos to built trust. Videos add a real person, show the products or your services in a real life situation and can help to create an image of how the person will use your products and services.

Here are 5 ways to help you convert visitors into customers.

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