EasyOnlineVideoTips.com is a video-based website that I created for those who are interested in learning about how to use online video and online video marketing to generate more leads for their business, regardless of the type of business it is.

Here is where you will find easy to follow, step by step videos on:

  • Why online videos are essential to any business
  • How to quickly create effective online videos.
  • How to easily upload videos onto the Internet.
  • How to instantly add videos to your own web page.
  • How to effortlessly share your videos with millions of potential customers.

Who Is Hani Mourra?

EasyOnlineVideoTips.com videos are created by me, Hani Mourra.

Online Video Marketing Expert Hani Mourra

As an online video coach and an owner of a video production company in Toronto, Canada, I’ve had the privilege to work with a wide variety of clients to create videos to meet their specific needs. I’ve worked on a wide range of video projects including weddings, advertisements, and online training videos.  I’ve also coached clients on how to use online video marketing to generate more leads for their business.

My passion is video. I just LOVE it.  I am the type of person that carries my pocket size video camera with me everywhere I go, so when that special moment comes I’m ready to capture it.  My other passion is teaching people.  I get excited at every opportunity I get to teach someone a new video camera tip, talk about a new online video service, teach them about how to use online video to enhance their business, etc.  I just LOVE talking about video…and this is why I created this website.

My Promise to You

My goal is to get you excited about video!  My promise is to make all my videos easy to follow, short, enjoyable, and educational.  If you ever have any questions about any of my videos (or any video-related question), please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me at any time using the form below. I really hope you enjoy learning from this site as I have enjoyed creating it for you.