7 Most Common Mistakes People Make with Online Video Marketing – Part #3

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This is the 4th of 7 videos on how to avoid the common mistakes people make with online marketing videos. This short video is under 2 minutes and shows you how to effectively make a connection with your viewer, which is an important element of online video marketing.  This helps establish a relationship and trust with your viewer, which will significantly increase the chances of them buying from you. Now that is something every business could use.

Mistake#4: Lack of Connection with Your Viewers. Most people starting out with online video tend to get shy and look away from the camera. It is important to look directly at the camera as if it were your prospect sitting in front of you. Making direct eye contact with the camera will help establish a connection and build trust with the prospect watching your video. People will be more likely to buy from people they trust. After watching a few of your videos, they will feel like they have a close personal connection with you. If you are still having trouble keeping your eyes from wander away from the camera, have a friend sit directly behind the camera, with their head at eye level with the camera lens, and talk to them in a natural way…pretend the camera is not there.

People Only Hear 7% of What You are Saying

It is important to note that people only hear 7% of what you are saying, so you need to include facial expressions, tone, and body language to help get your message across to your viewers.

Do You Know any Good Tips to Help Connect with Your Audience? I would love to hear them, please share them with the world in the comments below.
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Hani Mourra

Hani Mourra is an online video marketing coach who is passionate about helping people marketing their business online using online video.


Phil Benoit

Thanks for the comments Hani, the I WANT IT NOW issue can be used to the advantage of the online video creator, make the video shorter and cut to the chase.


Excellent point Phil! Getting (and keeping) the viewer’s attention is extremely important. My experience, as a online video content producer and a online video viewer, taught me that videos in the 1 to 2 minute range are perfect for marketing type videos and videos in the 3 to 5 minute range are perfect training type videos.

Phil Benoit

One tip I recently picked up was around YouTube watching. Some stats have come out about viewer drop of rates, suggesting that people are leaving you videos as quickly as 15 – 20 seconds into the clip.
My key take away from this, start the video with the simple statement “Hi Im Phil Benoit and in this video im going to….” I think this has a lot of power and I will be testing online over the coming months with my clients.

Again thanks for sharing all the great information about online video, the more people know the more they will understand how important this medium will be for business in the future.


Hey Phil,

It’s awesome of you to drop by and give us your expert opinion on this awesome topic of online video 🙂 I (and others here) do really appreciate learning from each other. You make a fantastic point about viewer retention. We live is a world of “I want it NOW” so if you don’t tell people what your video is about in the first few seconds, they won’t stick around to find out.

P.S – I checked out your blog and it has some great video information as well!




You have a seriously
sweet site here. This

And I like your strategy
too. The way you break this
into a series of videos.

Constantly amazed by the
people who visit my blog.

This rocks.


Thanks Jason….and welcome to my site. Since people’s schedules are so busy these days, I like to teach in small bite-size amounts at a time so people don’t get overwhelmed. Each tip I present is doable within a day. Please do drop by more often and I hope I can inspire you to create videos on your blog really soon.

P.S – I constantly learn something from your Internet Marketing Blog: http://www.jasonbetter.com. Keep those amazing tips coming!


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