101 Reasons Why You Need Online Video for Your Business

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Online video is hotter than ever these days..it’s so hot that I would dare to say it is mandatory for every business to have some form of online video marketing to be successful. Here are 101 reasons why you need online video for YOUR business:

1. It’s a lot of fun!
2. It’s quick
3. Easier than you think
4. Highly addictive
5. Fast way to create content
6. You don’t have to write
7. You don’t have to be in front of the camera
8. Drives a lot of traffic to your website/blog
9. Builds trust
10. Clients get to know you quickly
11. Potential clients will like you
12. Builds trust with your viewers
13. Become an authority in your market
14. People will come to you as their expert
15. YouTube is ranked #3 in the world for traffic
16. YouTube videos rank well in Google
17. Google loves videos
18. Google owns YouTube
19. Google will love you!
20. Easier to rank in search engines
21. Online video is FREE
22. Camera equipment is inexpensive
23. Charge money for your videos
24. You can do it anywhere
25. In your car
26. In the park
27. In your office
28. While traveling
29. At the cottage
30. While going for a walk
31. At customer sites
32. Using your laptop
33. Using your digital camera
34. Using your camcorder
35. Using your pocketcam
36. Using your cell phone
37. Teach something
38. Connect with with your clients
39. Share a story
40. Talk about an upcoming event
41. Social media is hot now!
42. Tweet your online videos
43. Live video on Twitter
44. Share them of Facebook
45. Post them on YouTube
46. Discuss them in LinkedIn
47. Generates comments for your website/blog
48. Embed them on your website/blog
49. Host a online video conference
50. Answer FAQs using video
51. Create a video blog
52. Create a video membership site
53. Go viral
54. Brand your company
55. Stand out from your competitors
56. Create how-to videos
57. Show clients how to use your products
58. Video testimonials
59. Video interviews with partners
60. A 2 min video is worth 3.6 million words
61. More professional
62. Stay current (everyone is doing it)
63. Edit online video for free
64. Create powerful photo slideshows
65. Share your PowerPoint presentation as a video
66. Introduce yourself
67. Introduce your team
68. Welcome visitors to your website/blog
69. Making mistakes on camera is a good thing!
70. Be real
71. Be yourself
72. Be creative
73. Be funny
74. People will feel like they already know you
75. Celebrity-like status
76. Exposure, exposure, exposure
77. There is (almost) no such thing ad a bad video
78. Practice makes perfect
79. Excellent marketing tool
80. Brand your videos
81. High perceived value
82. Make your videos clickable
83. Add a call to action after each video
84. Little to no initial investment ($)
85. Can start right away
86. Can make you money
87. Improves conversion rates
88. Offer it as a free gift when visitors sign up for your newsletter
89. Review an affiliate product on video
90. Engages viewers
91. Body language speaks more than words
92. Keeps people on your website longer
93. Can still create videos if you are camera shy
94. Distribute your videos to multiple video sites with one click
95. Increase sales
96. Dominate your niche
97. Broadcast a live video event
98. Video is available to everyone
99. The world is your audience
100. The world is your customer!
101. I’m here to help you!

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Hani Mourra

Hani Mourra is an online video marketing coach who is passionate about helping people marketing their business online using online video.


Clemons Kunkel

I like the way you Market!  This page look organize also. Keep up the good work.

Hani Mourra

Thanks Clemons! I really appreciate that nice words. Stay tuned for more fun and informative online video marketing blog posts and videos.



Hi Hani
I think this list is a good idea and memory jogger and can certainly be used to show the benefits of online video marketing. If anyone thinks that video is not relevant, once they review your 101 reasons they might change their mind. I enjoy your easy, light approach and appreciate all the information and knowledge you share.


Thanks Ginny! Glad to hear you found this list resourceful. I really enjoyed sitting down and creating this list.


you have mixed up reasons and uses, its’ a little confusing


Hey Paul,

Thanks for the feedback. This post was meant to be light with the intention of getting you excited about all the benefits and possibilities with online video.


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